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Jacob Holtz - 60 Years Providing Casters, Levels & Glides  

Metal Corner Brackets, Steel Mending Plates, Leg Plates, Industrial L Brackets, Metal L Plates, Corner Brace Hardware, Table Leg Brackets & More

US Manufacturer - We have 24 metal stamping presses with a large variety of furniture hardware including:  40 sizes of industrial L brackets, 12 types of steel mending plates, 9 types of steel corner brackets, 34 types of table leg brackets. Custom types available based upon quanities required. We are equipped with automatic stamping presses up to 150 tons. With Bed Sizes to 30" x 40". We process hot rolled steel with gauges from 9 to 18. We also have in die staking and tapping capability.


Jacob Holtz offers the widest selection of furniture hardware for the furniture, industrial and display industries with over 200 parts to choose from. Additionally, we offer our customers a full range of services from part design and engineering to prototyping, tool making and manufacturing.  Bring us your custom parts for our US manufacturing solution.

Furniture Hardware & Steel Stampings Selection Furniture Hardware & Furniture StampingsFurniture Hardware & Furniture StampingsFurniture Hardware & Furniture StampingsFurniture Hardware & Furniture Stampings
  • Apron Leg Brackets
  • Metal L plates
  • Z Brackets
  • Mounting Brackets
    (with and without glides)
  • Corner brackets - corner braces
  • Table leg brackets - table leg braces
  • Industrial L brackets
  • Caster brackets
  • Steel mending plates
  • Metal Stampings
  • Cold Forming
  • Thread Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Assembly Automation




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