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Jacob Holtz Company SiteIn 1949 The Jacob Holtz Company began manufacturing metal stampings and casters in Philadelphia. While many other manufacturing companies seem to have disappeared, Jacob Holtz has continued to grow and expand, moving into it's new headquarters in Lester, Pa in 2007. Exceptional service, world class manufacturing capabilities, global sourcing and our employee's commitment to excellence have fueled the company's growth for the past 60 years.

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  • 1949 Jacob Holtz Company Founded
  • 1963 First Caster Made
  • 1971 Moved to Philadelphia Facility / began injection molding
  • 1975 Began Importing Products
  • 1980’s Began automation process
  • 1988 Full automation bed frame caster assembly
  • 1990’s Opened new distribution facility in Hickory, NC
  • 1999 Sold to Osage Industries
  • 2004 Purchased On The Level, a Chicago based Company manufacturing mechanical self leveling glides for food service industry
  • 2007 moved entire operation from Philadelphia to Lester, PA
  • 2008 Purchased Table Shox™ a Vancouver based company manufacturing hydraulic self leveling glides for food service industry
  • 2009 Developed proprietary composite bed frame caster
  • 2010 Developed X-Caster™ - a whole new category of caster
  • 2014 Jacob Holtz announces a new product, the Bed Bug Barricade
  • 2015 Acquires Plastiglide, a US caster manufacturer
  • 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT – Jacob Holtz merges with Hudson Lock, LLC Read More
Jacob Holtz Casters
Jacob Holtz Casters
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