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Metal Bed Casters & Universal Bedframe Caster

Jacob Holtz is the largest Bed Caster Manufacturer in America!  In addition our Slick high fashion Universal Bed Frame caster makes it a must have on all high end bed frames; 100% recycled, 20% stronger than steel bed casters, 2 wheels will replace 4 sku’s.

Universal Bed Frame Casters >

Slick high fashion look will make this a must have on all high end bed frames. Certified to 150 lbs. per caster.
Universal Bed Frame Casters
Universal Bed Frame Casters Selection
Standard Features
  • No plating and made from recycled materials make this 100% recyclable.
  • Composite materials are 20% stronger than old- fashioned rug runners.
  • Weighing only 84 grams, this caster reduces inbound freight by 56% and offers the manufacturer the ability to ship more bed frames.
  • 2 wheels will replace 4 SKU's - wide RR, wide RR/brake. narrow RR, narrow RR/brake.
  • Wheel width of 2" eliminates the need for 1 3/4" and 2 1/4" inventory.
  • Requires NO change in bed frame design - caster height, stem and off-set are EXACTLY the same as traditional bed frame casters.
  • Load tested, dynamic tested, and field tested on a bed to insure functionality in the field.
  • Designed using advanced engineering techniques and finite element testing to insure performance.

Domestic Furniture Casters >


Jacob Holtz is the largest Bed Frame Caster Manufacturer in America! Casters with up to 125lb load capacity.
Domestic Furniture Casters
Domestic Furniture Casters Selection
Standard Features
  • Casters come with brown or white wheel color.
  • Additional color and plating combinations are available upon request.
  • Superior quality.
  • Available from stock for immediate delivery.
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